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It is with great excitement that we present to you the second issue of “Freestyle” music magazine featuring recording artist Tony Moran.

We aim to immerse you in the electrifying world of freestyle music, a genre that embraces the spirit of improvisation, creativity, and boundless self-expression. With each issue, we will delve into the depths of this captivating genre, celebrating its evolution, spotlighting inspiring artists, and uncovering the stories behind groundbreaking tracks.

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Cover Story: Tony Moran

In this tell-all conversation, Tony takes us on a journey, tracing the trajectory of his life, and giving us an intimate look at the people and experiences that have shaped his sound and career. Stay tuned as Tony  reveals his Top 5 influences and the story behind the transition from Freestyle to Main Stream  Music.

Article: Back to The Future Series

Manny Mann, in partnership with Artistik Records, is playing a pivotal role in propelling the genre forward by showcasing emerging young talent in the music scene. They are currently engaged in discussions about the Back to The Future Freestyle Concert Series, an innovative musical event that is set to captivate audiences across various locations in the United States. This series aims to celebrate the raw artistry and creativity of up-and-coming artists while also paying homage to the roots of freestyle music.

Article: Will N More Interview

Freestyle legend Wil N More isn't just a master of the mic, he's a veteran of the freestyle business. In a recent interview, Wil delved into the world of freestyle competitions, unpacking the good, the bad, and the evolution of the scene since his early days with MicMac Records in 1988.

Wil's journey through the freestyle industry is a testament to his dedication and the ever-changing landscape of hip-hop. The interview explores his experiences, from those early battles to the events keeping him busy in 2024.

This isn't just a trip down memory lane, though. Wil offers insights into the industry's positive aspects, fostering community and raw talent. But he also sheds light on the challenges faced by freestylers, navigating the business side of the art form.

Whether you're a seasoned freestyle fanatic or just discovering the world of off-the-top rhymes, this interview promises an insider's perspective from a true OG.

Article: Erica Obrien

Emerald Green at Level 13 in Orlando, Florida was created by Erica O'Brien, a driven and passionate promoter of hip hop and freestyle music events. Her love for music inspired her to bring her vision to life and create a one-of-a-kind experience for music enthusiasts.

Article: The Bad Boy Richie Rich

Hailing from East Hartford, CT, Connecticut's own DJ "The Bad Boy" Richie Rich brings fire to the freestyle scene. Known for his electrifying sets and undeniable mic presence, Richie Rich keeps the crowd moving and the party bumping.

Article Freestyle Latin Cruise Queen

Join us for an unforgettable freestyle Latin cruise departing from the port of Miami on January 25th, 2025. The cruise will be hosted by the remarkable Priscilla Laboricua Ortiz and will feature captivating performances by Shannon, Tony Moran, Fulanito, Angel (Cover girls), Aby Cruz from TKA, Renaldo, Fascination, Sir Speedy, NYASIA, Joey Kidd, Nas T Boyz, AYNA, and Jessee B, among others.

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Freestyle music and dance culture go hand in hand. Our magazine will feature the hottest dance spots, clubs, and events that keep the Freestyle spirit alive.

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Dive into the roots of Freestyle music and discover how it has evolved over the decades.

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From video content to magazine print. This magazine is for the fans that want to hear from the Icons of freestyle as well as the “”new” up-and-coming freestyle artists that are keeping the genre alive! 

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